The most awarded Romanian independent group for efficiency and creativity at festivals like: Effie, Cannes Lions, Sabre, Eurobest, Golden Drum, PR Awards, Internetics or ADC.

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Bogdan Stanciu
Bogdan Stanciu - The Design Weaver
Spiderman is a character that manages to adapt to the social context and remain relevant to the public...
Raluca Ene
Raluca Ene - The Igniting Geek
Trinity is basically a geek who, just like me, puts all her passion in what she does.
Ioana Manoiu
Ioana Mănoiu - The Fighter
Why Lara Croft? Because when things get complicated and challenging... this is where I start to have fun
Laura Florea
Laura Florea - The Influencer
Just like me, Amidala defends both the democracy and integrity in politics.
Bogdan Nitu
Bogdan Nițu - The Agent 00111
Bond, because he manages to mix the coolest gadgets with the old-school style.
Felix Tătaru - The Explorer
The unbeaten path is the path of the explorer. And this often suits me. "We do not follow maps to buried treasures and X never ever marks the spot," says Indiana Jones. And that inspires me.
Andreea Nemens - The Fighter
Beatrix Kiddo is a fighter, a survivor. Part of a warriors elite, she is the only possessor of the secret of Master Pai Mei. I would have liked to be Uma Thurman in the role.